Conspiracy theories linking the 5G network to the coronavirus

Not happy with the damage caused, the attackers filmed everything and shared it on social networks, along with messages that only reinforce a ‘fake news’.

The theories

According to the British network ‘BBC’, theories about a relationship between 5G and the coronavirus emerged last January, when the first cases of contagion began to be reported outside Asia.

One says that 5G weakens people's immune systems, making it easier to become infected. The other indicates that the virus can be transmitted through the use of this technology.

Experts consulted for the same fear were categorical and asserted that the claims are "total rubbish" and that it is "biologically impossible" for that to happen.

Furthermore, the ‘BBC’ itself recalled that the irony of this relationship is that the virus is spreading in English cities where this network is not yet used.

On the other hand, the International Commission for the Protection of Non-Ionizing Radiation carried out a study a couple of months ago, in which it pointed out that there is no evidence that technological networks develop diseases.

5G Features

Last December, it was reported that Colombia was one of the two countries in the Americas with a clear roadmap to implement the 5G network.

"The implementation of 5G will allow the use of applications that require very low latency, will reduce download times, improve the speed of Internet browsing and increase the quality of mobile service," said EL TIEMPO at the time.

With this new network, emerging technologies will be implemented and "the development of solutions based on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, among others, will be facilitated," he added.

The idea was that in the first quarter tests of the network will be carried out in different regions of the country, but the quarantine that we experienced the coronavirus could have ‘moved’ those plans.

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