Return and Exchange Policy

At Scientific Satellite, we guarantee the best experience! If you do not agree with your purchase, we will change it or refund your money at no cost, according to your means of payment and within the maximum period indicated by each bank. Remember that all our products have warranty terms and times from their manufacturer, which are applied in the event of any failure.

of Return

The product must be in perfect condition, unused, factory sealed and with original packaging, labels and manuals, in addition to having the respective ballot or invoice.
All refunds will be made according to the means of payment that was used for purchase. The terms of the return will depend on the policy of each bank managing the card.

Remember that ...

The Exchange and / or Returns Policy will not apply in the following cases:

For the provision of services, once it has been started or has been fully executed. In this case, the Exchange and / or Returns Policy cannot be applied.