SCIENTIFIC SATELLITE was born in 1992 with the mission of becoming the largest providers of technology for Cable Television and offering it in the most remote and small cities to the largest in Peru.

Today we are a pioneer and leader in the world of telecommunications, committed to our customers by providing solutions that go hand in hand, innovating towards 5G. Demand, efficiency and innovation are the three of the main characteristics that represent our essence and that are our flag, forging a successful and impeccable career in telecommunications.

Our objetive


Provide effective solutions through our lines: Digital Signal, Fiber Optic, High Speed Internet, Electronics, equipment and tools, with own brands and the representation of the best international companies. We have offices and a Showroom located in La Molina - Lima and in Weston - Florida, these strategic locations allow us to provide an efficient service to families, professionals and companies from Peru, Latin America and the United States.

Our longing


To be recognized for offering the best solutions, satisfying our customers with the most competitive prices on the market and continuous innovation. Likewise, we are committed to updating our clients through seminars and keynote talks offered by experts with recognized experience.


We are committed to the proposed objectives such as speed, quality and safety. We question ourselves to propose actions that allow us to achieve outstanding results and that allow us to offer current solutions.


We act honestly, ethically, and consistently; in this way we will create a climate of trust with our clients.

Permanent learning

We have the humility to listen and learn from everyone, working as a team, recognizing that we have opportunities for improvement and that we move in a changing environment, so we will be able to be at the forefront of technology.


We choose to be prepared and competent to deal with our clients' projects.